Our Story

Sheetal started her so-called ‘practice’ by doodling. Peacocks, lotuses, mangoes and shapes and designs of all sorts pored themselves out from her hands at every chance she got during the bits and pieces of free time that erratically appeared in the busy days of her bustling joint family life. In between the daily household “to-do” list...the doodles soon found their way to almost all scraps of paper, back pages of diaries and notebooks. Often, not even the backside of the grocery bill was spared. Remembering the number of times she missed what was taught in class during college days due to this notorious tendency, she thought.... “Ah! Bad habits die hard.” Little did she know, that this “bad habit” will one day transform into meaningful work which will be a vehicle of her expression.

"The latent potential ability to express one’s creativity via the medium of Art is present in everyone. Exploring an idea visually, with a pen in hand compliments my imagination and encourages original thinking, flexibility, adaptability and the ability to generate solution to complex problems. I got to know myself all over again"

A home where talent has always been appreciated. Fortunately, this held true for life before as well as after marriage. With incredibly supportive in-laws and always encouraging parents, converting this interest into a fulfilling line of work was as easy as it could get. "More particularly my father-in-law who recognised my ‘doodling talent’ and encouraged me to create twelve images of Lord Ganeshji, which he said would use in his company’s annual calendar." This calendar was the first inspiring trigger factor that released the chain of thoughts and a unique desk calendar was evolved. Malvika (Sheetal's Daughter) gave the work a brand name “KALAM” and designed the logo. Along side sisters-in-law Krishna Majithia and Sarika Majithia, without whose support, this wouldn’t have been possible... without their company, it wouldn’t have been as much fun. Now, the trio works on developing products and has expanded into a range of lifestyle products like- Mugs, Trays, Coasters, Pen stand, Gift Boxes, Scarves, Ties, Mobile covers and many more, with unique Kalam designs on each. Kalam has also joined hands with Milaap, an organisation that contributes to the economy by setting up micro-level enterprises in the field of handloom, handicraft, education etc. Kalam along with Milaap supports the cause of rural women upliftment in India. Kalam is proud to share that our partnership with Milaap has enabled us to impact 1497 Lives through our micro-loans in the past 5 years.

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